The Dose IVS


From Approx AUD $95



  • The Essential
  • The Deluxe
  • The Ultimate
  • Food Poisoning
  • Anti-Aging Detox
  • The All Star

What You Need To Know

What’s included

  • In home IV treatment – choose from the packages below.
  • Professional medical staff administering your treatment.
  • High quality, authentic ingredients administered according to international hospital standards.
  • Feel better! Symptoms are often improved before the treatment is even over, post-treatment, you should look visibly improved. Now get back to the beach!
  • Pre-purchase 5 or more treatments or book for a group of 5 or more to receive 15% off – Use the code DOSEMEUP5 at checkout.


  • The Essential – IDR 950k: The Essential is our most pared back IV – perfect for individuals most concerned with dehydration. The Essential contains one litre of fluid, electrolytes, vitamin B for energy as well as medication tablets if you require them.
  • The Deluxe – IDR 1.3 mill: The Deluxe is the middle child between The Essential and The Ultimate. The Deluxe has one litre of hydration, electrolytes, vitamin B plus immunity boosting Vitamin C and optional painkiller or anti-nausea IV medication.
  • The Ultimate IDR 1.5 mill: The Ultimate has been one of our best-sellers since day one. Full of vitamins and antioxidants (plus any optional medicines), this IV packs a powerful punch in the “get well” department (whether that’s from a nasty flu or a hangover, it’s still effective).
  • Anti-Aging Detox – IDR 1.6 mill: Our Anti-Aging Detox IV is perfect before a big event to create that “lit from within” glow, or as an ongoing part of a wellness regimen.
  • Food Poisoning Recovery – IDR 1.25 mill: Feeling weak and dehydrated after food poisoning or stomach flu? This package will help relieve residual symptoms and speed up recovery.
  • The All Star – IDR 2 mill: This IV is a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants from A to zinc. Complete with Vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E, plus antioxidant Glutathione and zinc, this is an all-around immunity and energy booster for those who want it all.